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A N X I E T Y | Gut Health + Alkaline

So, I'm going to approach this blog post into TWO parts::

  • Gut Health + Alkaline

  • Anixety

Then we will hodge podge this all together at the end, because it goes hand and hand, with tips and tools to balancing your gut which affects your anxiety & stress. Who's ready to learn, yall?!


Your gut is basically your second brain. 97% of your hormones : Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Oxytocin, Cortisol, Endorphins, Adrenaline, all hang out in your gut in conjunction with your brain. Your gut and your brain are connected.

So, when I have a client come to me for energy work and they start listing off all these issues they are having emotionally and physically, my first question to them is " What's your day to day food intake like? " "When do you need that energy spiked cup of coffee?" "What triggers the emotional eating or NOT eating?"

Sometimes we cant even try to get a grip on our emotional struggles because our BODIES are in such a toxic state. If you're plowing down sugars, alcohol, processed foods, and you feel like crap? Its because your GUT is acidic. When our body is acidic our body goes into "protective mode" and creates all this mucus to try to protect all the organs and layers of the gut. Guess what likes to LIVE in mucus? Bacteria. What happens when we have ton of gross bacteria in our bodies? The bacteria goes into the niks and crannies of our internal self and has a feeding frenzy (gross). This spikes our Endocrine system and causes a whole lot of issues.

Oh, lordy, have I lost yall yet?

Yall, first step is easy. Work on YOU. Start small. Eliminate some of this acidic based foods, like processed sugars, alcohol, caffeine, heavy animal proteins.... add in more ALKALINE based foods like fruits + veggies. Start your morning off with a cup of warm lemon water before your coffee. Drink a BIG ole GREEN JUICE or a Smoothie. When you eat meat pair it with veggies so you can balance your acidic foods. Drink MORE WATER.

I promise if you start these little healthy habits its going to affect your energy levels, your moods, and your anxieties.


Well, here we go! We're diving into the ANXIETY topic. Im going to be real with yall. Anxiety freaking sucks and for some of us, it may never go away. BUT there are tools to help manage it.

Do you ever feel like anxiety is just sitting in your chest, throat, or gut? That "high vibration" your feeling you just want it to go away? I feel you! In response to that you may go take a bunch of cardio classes or go for a run to feel better. Do you know why you want to do this? When you exercise your body create Endorphins. That flushes cortisol ( " the stress hormone") and makes us feel better. Or maybe when you have anxiety you want to go EAT chocolate or sugar. You know why? Because when we eat sugar our body produces dopamine which gives you a physical high like what cocaine does, it can be addicting and not the best habit to get into.

I have personally struggled with anxiety and I work extremely hard on a day to day basis to manage and live with it. Here are a few tools that help ground some of this HIGH VIBRATIONAL energy.

| Tips + Tools |

- Alkaline your system with Alkaline foods

- Limit your Caffeine intake

- Practice YOGA

- 10 Deep Breaths anytime you feel anxiety pains coming on

- Meditate

- Energy Work like Reiki, Massage, or Acupunture

- Gratitude Journal

- Earthing, get outside barefoot

Start small. Sometimes you have to reach a place of total exhaustion in order to realize what's really worth your time and energy. You just accept what is and focus on your PROGRESS. Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts, questions, or comments.




  • 1 bushel Celery

  • 1/2 Green Apple

  • 1 knob Ginger

  • 1/2 squeezed Lemon

  • 1 tsp Ashwanganda

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