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Modern Ayurveda Nutrition

A Modern approach to an Ayurveda based Health Coaching.

6 Week Course

This 6 week program will allow you to obtain a certified Health Coach Certificate through Modern Ayurveda Nutrition. This includes 10 Modules over 6 weeks and 32 Training Hours, 3 Case Studies, a test score of 75% or higher on the Final Exam. We meet virtually 2x a week along with access to PDF resources and videos.


Along with a 10 Module training, you will guided to complete 3 case studies to help you gain confidence in working with future clients.

Business of Health Coaching

Marketing and Branding your Health Coaching Business is essential in delivering the right message of your offerings to your future client. We give you the tools and support to have your Health Coaching Business ready to launch upon completion of our training. This IS a BUSINESS and marketing your Intentions, your Goals, and your Business's Mission Statement is KEY to success.

Healing Foods + Herbs

Food is Thy Medicine. We will learn all the Why's and When's to applying certain foods and herbs to your clients program in order to obtain healing and energy. What are the benefits to certain foods? How to Combine food groups properly to get maximum absorption and digestions. -- are just a few questions we train you on how on answer. 

Ayurveda Foundation

Ayurveda is an ancient 5000 year old medical philosophy & practice predicted on the idea that we are made up of different types of energy. We focus on balancing the mind, body, and health.


This training is more than just what foods to incorporate into your client's healing journey, but what mind + body techniques and practices compliment it.

Virtual Training

Offering this training virtually is a touch different than other virtual training programs. Yes, we offer videos and resources at your finger tips, but offering LIVE training sessions personally with Mel gives this a more intimate approach. Theres always time for questions and tailoring this program to the answers you need to feel confident starting your own Health Coaching business.

Anatomy: The Body's Systems

Having an understanding of how our body's work and perform is key to creating a successful program for your client. We need to understand how hormones affect the body. What supplements support the body and why.


Mel is so excited to have you join our Modern Ayurveda Nutrition Program. This certified Health Coaching Training modernizes the approach of Ayurveda philosophy allowing our programs to be approachable for each client. Obtaining your certificate, you'll have the knowledge and the business foundations to create your own health coaching platform. Let's sip on some Green Juice and learn how we can help heal bodies using food + the Ayurvedic approach.

INVESTMENT Total: $2200

Deposit Amount: $500

Early Bird: $1800 until May 31, 2022


We accept forms of Payment with PayPal, Venmo or Check. All Sales are Final. Deposit is non refundable. Final Payment is Due June 30th, 2022. Early Bird Pricing must be paid in Full 

What is Included?

First steps, Register. Once we receive your registration details, we will send over a Form to fill out and agree to, along with payment details. Upon Payment completion, you will receive an email with Book recommendations needed for our Training.


What is Included in Modern Ayurveda Nutrition?

  • Certificate in Health Coaching from Modern Ayurveda Nutrition

  • 10 Virtual Modules with access to downloadable PDFs + Resources

  • Optional: Printed Manual for an additional $200. This will be mailed to you.


Mel will be in touch with soon with next steps

What Our Clients Say

Herbs and Minerals
Image by Igor Son

Lisa. A

I thoroughly enjoyed the detox experience with Mel. I was able to resolve lifelong digestive issues as a result of what I learned through this process. I feel healthier and I have more energy.

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