Welcome to our 30 Days of DETOX & CLeanse Mind Body Eating group 

Mel will be guiding you through how to correctly detox your body on a cellular level using:
REAL Food 
Mind&Body practices 
Continuous Coaching Support


In this group you will receive weekly recipes, tips on how to detox, details around specific Ayurvedic herbs 🌿 to support your Dosha, LIVE support once a week from Mel, Support around Rhythmic Eating, uplifting practices to help you detox while connecting with your mind and body.


We all live a very chaotic life... our health has to be a priority. Not just about the foods we put into our bodies but the information we put into our minds. Self cafe helps detox. Real foods help clean out your body. You live this lifestyle for an entire month and you WILL feel and see results!!