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Nutritional Support

Welcome to our Mind Body Nutritional Approach

 Restoring Balance 


Ayurveda is an ancient 5000 year old medical philosophy & practice predicted on the idea that we are made up of different types of energy. We focus on balancing the mind, body, and health.

Mel will be guiding you through how to correctly detox your body on a cellular level using:
REAL Food 
Mind&Body practices 
Continuous Coaching Support

All founded with a Modern approach to Ayurveda.


In this group you will receive weekly recipes, tips on how to detox, details around specific Ayurvedic herbs 🌿 to support your DOSHA, LIVE support once a week from Mel, Support around Rhythmic Eating, uplifting practices to help you detox while connecting with your mind and body.

Not sure what your DOSHA is?

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We all live a very chaotic life... our health has to be a priority. Not just about the foods we put into our bodies but the information we put into our minds. Self cafe helps detox. Real foods help clean out your body. You live this lifestyle for an entire month and you WILL feel and see results!! 


Nutritional Investment

90 min Consult - $299

This consult is done through ZOOM. Prior to our meeting, I will email you a series of questions. We will review your current supplement regiment, how your body is feeling, your goals, your current eating habits. With these details, we are able to create a game plan and what next steps and which plans are best for your goals. I require a consult regardless of group detox or individual specialized plans. I also will suggest labs. 


Group Programs - $550 

This is hosted on a Private Facebook Group Page. 30 Days.

3- Month Programs - $1500

This is available for established clients. More details available via inquiry.

Individual Specialized Programs 

Pricing available via inquiry 

*We work together to identify your body's specific needs. Formulate a personalized healing food plan for you.

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