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Mel's Favorites | Holiday Guide

If you know me well or have followed me on my journey through social media -- I like to shop. And when I LOVE something, you know I will absolutely share it with you all! As a consumer in the health + wellness world, women-based businesses & style industry.... I've collected some of my favorite things over the years. I am SO excited to share with you all some of my favorite THINGS for the Holidays! I've got your holiday gift giving covered, yall!

These companies are close & dear to my heart. They all are going to give you a HOLIDAY discount with shopping & supporting them.

Y'all Ready? -- let the shopping begin!!!!

* just note that discount only applies to the one item Mel loves and pictures below

These gals are Texas locals who create my absolute favorite clay earrings. And we're excited to share a "Mel" favorite exclusive! I was so excited to customize an earring that is a reflection of my style & favorite colors!!!

Earthy - Grounding - Stylish

Purchase these beauties with a 10% discount using the code : Melyogafav


Upriver Cacao

Did you know the Cacao is rich in vitamins like B12? Cacao is made from whole bean cacao that undergoes a fermentation process preserving its natural compounds. We always say "Dark chocolate is healthy for you." Well, this is why. It's also been used for centuries as a ceremony drink that gives you this warm and uplifting feeling. All reasons, aside I love Upriver Cacao, it tastes amazing in a nitro brew latte. These gals did it right!!!

Vanilla Cream Nitro Brew is my FAV! Use this discount for 10%

code: melsfav10


Gigi Pip Hats

It's no surprise that Gigi Pip Hats are my absolute favorite. They fit perfectly. The gals who started this company are hat lovers like me but also value quality. Thats a big deal. The materials used to customize each hat the owner's design come from Australia. Y'all, if you know hats, Australia takes the market.


Anvil + Aura

These two chicks make some of the most spiritual, gypsy, high quality jewelry in Austin Tx. I have a story to tell... Im scared of sharks, like so scared. I overcame my fear in Costa Rica one year surfing and as a gift of overcoming the fear, my sweet husband bought me a gold, diamond Shark Tooth. I wear it with pride, friends. So? My favorite? It's hard to choose because I love everything these girls create. For my holiday guide, I have to choose a shark tooth diamond necklace.

Get a 10% discount using Mel's code:



Joy Organics

Anxiety is something I'm pretty open about and the tools I use to keep it at bay. One of those tools are CBD. What is so great about Joy Organics is that you are getting a high quality CBD with .03% THC. This provides a variety of phytonutrients believed to enhance CBD’s efficacy.

Yall, give this brand a try. You can take it at night or in the morning. I typically take the 45 mg in the morning, about 1/3 of a dropper to start my day. If I am having a stressful ending to my day, I add another full dropper at night before bed. Everyone's body's are different so you may have to play with the dose to see what is best for you.

Ready to try?

Get 15% off by using

“MEL” at check out


Mana Culture

Overnight Bag

If you're an Austinite, you probably have shopped at Mana Culture. This Boho, chic store is literally one of MY favorites stores to shop at...not only is the staff amazing, the owner Jahnavi (Jahn) is one of most authentic, kind, & beautiful people I've met. With her Hawaii vibe background, the moment you walk into her store...see all her custom pieces, moon catchers, and crystals you will get a sense of "Ohana Mana!"

This overnight bag is gorgeous and amazing you can use it when you attend my next Women's Yoga Retreat!

Plan your next Road trip!

Get 15% off using Melsfav15


Moon Thyme Shop

Boob Mug

I am in love with this mug on all levels. As a pro woman supporter and activist, this mug represents so much! Moon Thyme Shop, located in Austin, is a pure reflection of my shopping needs ( & habits lol). From their hats, clothing, journals, palo santo, home decor, these gals know how to put together a boho healing witchy shop! I adore these girls.

Support them! Support Women! And drink your coffee from the Jug Mug.

Sippin' on boobs

10% off using Melyoga10


VK Energy Bar

created by Chef Vikki

Are we energy fans? I'm always trying to avoid that afternoon crash & need for a cup of coffee... let me tell you, Starbucks holiday drinks aren't making it easy until I discovered Vikki's B12 bars. Vikki is a bad ass amazing chef... her instagram makes me hungry even when Im not hungry. This is the thing y'all, I am ALL about clean bars, but this classically trained chef made flavors I couldn't even think up. Being a vegetarian or deficient in B12, order you a package of VK Energy bars. The lemon pistachio is crazy ridiculous.

Get some energy


Craven + Co FUN Boxes

Green Juice & Tequila Boxes

Green Juice & Tequila! Oh, boy, I cannot tell you how excited I am that Craven + Co & I created a Green Juice & Tequila box for all you health nut fans. You're getting a box of Amazing Greens mix (my fav), a bottle of Tequila Blanco, Topochico, Lime, jalapeño, and Rim Mix that will rock your world! Don't even question it, y'all... Green Juice & Tequila taste so good AND it's damn good for you too!

Love Tiffany, she is a entrepreneur woman with a creative background in event planning. Anything she touches, turns into a fun time. Listen to her story on my podcast

Are an Austinite?


Lalo Tequila

I think it's pretty apparent, I'm a huge fan a good quality tequila and Im a fan of anything local. Lalo Tequila tastes so incredibly smooth for a Blanco, you can literally just sip it over ice. Aside from tasting amazing, I fell in-love with Lalo's story. Lalo is the nickname of the founder Edwardo Gonzales, which was given to him by his grandfather, Don Julio. Ever heard of him? lol. An Austin TX local tequila company and Don Julio's tequila bloodline is a recipe that's hard to beat. I mix Lalo in my green juice or with a splash of Cointreua, Topo and lime juice.

Find Lalo here, yall!


PRP Injections with Leslie Laverty

Austin Plastic Surgery Institute

PRP changed me in so many ways! I was diagnosed with Alopecia {balding} last year, which was absolutely devastating. However, I am surrounded by the most amazing, supportive women in my life that helped me every step of the way towards healing and hair growth. That, my friends, was Ms. nurse Leslie Laverty. PRP (plasma rich platelet) injections are one of the most natural possible ways to regrow thinning or balding hair. What they do, is take YOUR blood, spin it down to the plasma, A.K.A "Liquid Gold", and inject it into your hair follicles. It took about 4 full rounds to see a HUGE hair growth. It works friends. It's something I am so grateful for...because as a woman, our hair symbolizes so much. Book a consult with Leslie over at Austin Plastic Institute.

Ready to jump on board?

Special Pricing & Discounts coming soon!


Omega Juicer

My favorite Cold Press Juicer thats easy to clean?

The OMEGA friends!

Shop here



Plant Based Protein

I have tried A LOT of protein powders over the years and I definitely go through phases. SunWarrior is my favorite right now. It's a clean plant based protein. The tahini Vanilla has plant-based peptides and hyaluronic acid which helps SUPPORT your Hair ( we know how Mel was legit balding last year), your Skin, and your Joints. It's kind of my jam in all my morning smoothie. OH! The snickerdoodle protein powder, holy moly so good in my Oatmeal bowls, too. I also am a huge fan of liquid based vitamins...this allows your body to absorb your vitamins immediately rather then being destroyed by your stomach acid taking it in a pill form. I recommend Sun Warrior's liquid minerals, liquid immune, and liquid magnesium...they all get the "Mel" stamp of approval.

For Smoothie Love

Get 10% off using Melsfav

at check out OR



Magnesium Balm

If you have taken Yoga classes or booked a Reiki Session with me, you know I like to use products that help encourage relaxation and connection. This Magnesium Balm was created by one of my favorite, creative, and "witchy" girlfriends I know! Sarah is an amazing acupuncturist + MOODMINDED creator who knows her stuff! This topical balm is great for muscle pain & relaxing. Snag yourself a bottle or gift to a friend. We all know we need a little love after 2020.

Purchase here with 15% off

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