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Support Plans with Mel Afflerbach

Mind & Body 

working along side with Wolfe Functional Medicine Practice

Image by Brooke Lark

I am excited to be partnering up with an integrative, holistic practice here in Boulder, founded by Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Ginger Wolfe. This practice specializes in an integrative approach to healing with access to labs, testing, and tools + resources that give the client an all systems, in depth approach discovering a root cause.

Wolfe Functional specializes in the following : 

Hormone Imbalance

Thyroid Imbalance

Women's Health


GI Issues

Lyme | Mold | Myotoxcins

MDD Symptoms

Nutrition Consulting + Planning

Nutrition is such a key component in healing the body. It can also be extremely overwhelming on where to start. Working along side Wolfe Functional practitioners help create the best nutritional support plan in the direction of healing.

Mel will be offering virtual and in person sessions. Always starting with a new patient consultation to discuss what is going on with your body and your symptoms. Mel uses an Ayurvedic and holistic approach to creating a specialized nutritional plan for you. 


If you are interested in booking a session with Mel


Interested in working with Dr. Ginger Wolfe




Consultation Calls

90 mins | $299

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