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Women Empowering Women Series: feat. Maricarmen Wilson

Maricarmen IS Inspired Shakti and those who know her can absolutely agree with me. This chick is powerful!

Shakti is the divine cosmic energy that represents feminine energy and the dynamic forces that move through the universe. ... As a vital cosmic force.

That is entirely the inspired force and energy you feel when you're around Maricarmen. I met Maricarmen on one of her Women's yoga retreats in Tulum about 6 years ago. A friend of mine asked me last minute, "Hey Mel! Do you want to go to Tulum on a women's yoga retreat with me in two weeks?" I didn't even hesitate, and said YES! Typically, my controlling self would of researched the heck of this place and the teacher before I go on any type of endeavor, but I didnt.

This retreat CHANGED MY LIFE. Maricarmen attracts some of the most amazing, powerful, and confident women I had ever experienced. It was on this retreat I knew what I needed more in my life.

We were on an excursion, jumping into a freezing cold, dark hole in the ground called a Cenote,...I was scared (thinking some massive snake was going to get me) but yet, empowered to let go of all worry + just jump in! That whole week was about just "jumping in." I wont even get into my crazy ass experience I had in the SWEAT LODGE a.k.a the claustrophobic pizza oven, we'll save that for its own post. I remember having a moment with Maricarmen at the cenote, I asked her about her kids and how she balanced everything,.... she told me to slow down, that I didnt have to be this rockstar, busy, "go go" yoga teacher and to take time for myself. It may not of seemed like a big deal, but it was. Someone gave me permission to not be perfect. That my friends, shifted me. I left that retreat having more confidence in myself and a SENSE of myself.

Maricarmen, your power and passion around the feminine was such a huge part of my journey, my healing journey, and brought me where I am today. I will be forever grateful. I see you. AND YOU empower me. Thank you! And thank you for taking the time to write out and share your life with us on this post.

Yoga found me as a young mother just past twenty in Southern California.  What started as a personal tool for physical wellness quickly evolved to a personal tool for spiritual growth.  I had no intention to teach yoga and this is where the Accidental Tourist comes into the story.  More than that,  I didn't want to .  My practice felt so very mine and teaching was so,  well,  not.  But I yielded to Divine forces because they're exactly that,  Divine.  So I tripped and stumbled a bit those early years of travel  .  I "visited" several methods ,  learned the language and terrain  of the different lands , and discovered that with time,  they all led home.  All played an important role in my teaching maturation and all challenged me to be true ,  raise the bar,  and be more radically myself.   I built an altar to my heart and kept a steady fire burning for my purpose and commitment .   A commitment that runs far and deep and pools at the feet of all Women.  This is IT.  

This is Inspired Shakti.  

What's your story?

Eurasian American Global Girl makes good in Austin , Texas…….

What do you love most about yourself? 

Physically? … The parts of my whole that tormented me in my adolescence and young adulthood. My unruly and abundant hair, my strong and muscular legs, my incredibly connected core underneath layers of stretched skin that housed 3 very large pregnancies. I love my teeth … my mom grew up with limited access to good oral healthcare and she instilled in all her children that your teeth possess wealth measured beyond gold. They’re slightly buck and that makes me happy. My body is a living example of resilience and is a reflection of my inner state-of-being. Words to describe this inner state-of ? A gorgeous , warm electricity that something fucking amazing is happening. What gets you truly excited about life? Seriously… Everything fills me with awe . Everything excites me. Being alive is a miracle. Having the privilege to have agency over my life and exert choice and action, that’s beyond thrilling to me.

How would you define your purpose in life?

Come closer my love… I have something to teach you.

Describe the Vibe to your Yoga Retreats.

A stream of quotes from participants best captures the vibe , in a nutshell , we all fall for ourselves and each other in a BIG WAY… “ Oh my God, what just happened to me?! “ … “ I’ve never felt so accepted and loved “ … “ Can we do this every month?! “ …”a precious gift to yourself: a training for body and mind and a source of inspiration for your feminine attitude”… “falling in love” … “ a raucous good time” … “I’m not even a yogini, but Maricarmen, with her expertise in the art , coupled with her wholehearted acceptance of each woman and her passion for empowering us made this retreat  magical.” , “ My time on retreat changed me. It really did. I don't know how to explain it fully, but it I came away from the retreat with a deeper sense of confidence in myself, and trust in my divine Feminine power. I also made connections with some of the women that I still cherish today” .

What did you imagine yourself doing when you were 21 yrs? How about now? Or in 10 years?

21 years old ! Zowie…well I was a baby having a baby at that time. 21 is so damn young. So much learning and development to embark on and being a parent then was really a wild endeavor at that age. My life has unfolded by taking chances and daring , lots of mistakes and with having caused unintentional pain to people I truly loved. The individual we are at 21 is not the person we find ourselves to be at 31 or 41. With a maturing mind and spirit, we respect and honor what we can’t erase and we grow from that point forward ( upward ). Every incarnation of myself in the past has reinforced the current “ME” that I am and only emboldens the woman I’m about to become. I’m not defined by what I do but by how I’ve touched another person’s life.

Right now, at this very moment, what do you want most in life?

1 - For my children to by happy and thrive in a healthy planet ( for everyone’s children) ..Should be simple… I look forward to a world where this want truly is just that. 2- Preservation and expansion of Roe V. Wade … there will never be true equal rights if we are legislating women’s bodies and reproductive health. 3.- Reparations 4. Dramatic , immediate and pro-active prison reform.

If you could deliver a message to a woman in her 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, what would that be?

Let your FREAK flyyyyyy! … I deliver this same message to women in their 50’s, 60’s and on…

What do you like to do for fun?

What do you like to do for fun? One of my favorite things to do is take my younger son out on tour with my husband and his rock band. We’ve been able to have the most unique experiences. The unorthodoxy of being married to someone in music industry and raising a family in it has been quite a foundation for building healthy communication, autonomy and trust.  I’ll also throw in doing anything with my kids and husband. Anything with my parents and my sisters. Anything with my beloved group of girlfriends or extended family. Each encounter is laugh-filled and joyous. They bring out the best in me and I hope the same is true for them. Time apart from them creates a longing . I’m very connected to my community. I also LOVE binge watching British procedural dramas and discovering obscure natural beauty products. If I were stuck on a deserted island you’d find me clutching my kindle. And my black mascara.

What’s your family like? 

A book could be written on my family ! . They are incredible. Honestly, that’s a whole other blog post, just on that one question. My parents are immigrants, I’m an immigrant. They’re histories are rich and varied. That’s Book 1! Book 2’s tale unfolds through my 3 boys… again, a whole other blog post ! ;) . Where do you live currently? For now …In the suburbs of North-West Austin surrounded by green space. Who knows where to next?

Wheres your dream vacation or adventure? Where do you love to travel to or where?

Mexico feels like home to me as I have been traveling there in some way since my very late teens / early 20’s. It’s magnificent and ancient and the the country speaks to me. The people are beautiful and their gifts to humanity have been countless. My dream adventure would be to take a year or two or three “off” and live around the world. First stops being my ancestral mother-lands , Spain and Sri Lanka.

Whats your mantra?

My actions serve the greater whole.--

Follow Maricarmen - she'll inspire your feminine goddess side, I promise.

If you are interested in attending classes or one of Maricarmen's yoga retreats, please visit her website.

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