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Empowering Women ...

Mel Afflerbach


Hey Yall, I'm Mel Afflerbach. A health nut, yoga teacher, mama who drinks green juice with a dash of Tequila. My goals? To empower women through channels of yoga, nutrition, energy work, and retreats ... to align themselves, in order to feel their BEST version of them. Oh ya, I have a podcast. It's a podcast for women where you can hear their raw, imperfect stories, laugh a little, and to hear tips + tools on how to live your best life. It's called Green Juice & Tequila Podcast



The Podcast

Green Juice + Tequila was created to give women a platform to tell their stories, the real stuff. Life cant always be perfect and "green juice." Real Life is imperfect, raw,'s "tequila." Guess what? You need both, and you can have both. Listen + Subscribe, y'all! Im grateful! 


Let's Connect, yall!

Instagram is kind of my jam!

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