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Private Yoga

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Private Yoga Sessions are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. The idea of a yoga “class” is relatively new. Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one. This setting allows for your individuality to be addressed in the spirit of the one on one teacher-student tradition and quickly 
reach your goals.

There are many reasons why one may choose private instruction. Generally, the 4 most common goals of private sessions are:


  • To understand the basics of yoga - This type of session will equip you with the necessary tools to begin a consistent practice and inspire confidence to move forward into larger group settings. Most importantly, it will teach you to move safely within your body. The topics of pranayama (breath), asanas (postures), and meditation will be integrated.

  • To develop a home practice - It is important to supplement group yoga classes with a practice you can do anytime on your own. In this session you will be guided through effective sequences based on your goals and will leave with a written practice guide.

  • To address special needs - Some students have needs that cannot be met in a large group setting and need a more therapeutic focus. Some of these needs may be based on body type, limited movement due to injury, stress management or a variety of other circumstances. Special needs students can work through several sessions to develop a plan or can work with Melissa indefinitely.

  • To deepen your practice - This is a way to make large strides in and refine your practice. A session will include feedback on technique and modifications to meet the specific student’s goals.





Your Home:

 - 1 Single 60 to 75 min Session - $200

- 5 Class 60 to 75 min Session - $750


Mel's Private Studio Virtually

- 1 Single 60 to 75 min Session - $150

- 5 Class 60 to 75 min Session - $500


**Please add $10 for an additional 1-2 people

**Payment must be made in FULL

**24 hr cancelation policy required otherwise will be charged full amount for the session


Corporate in the workplace, Bachelorette / Wedding, Birthday classes available!


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