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Rhythmic Eating :: E A T in Rhythm of Your Digestive System

I always ask clients or folks I work with in my Health Coaching business, before we go into anything diet or goal related, " What is the FIRST thing you do in the mornings when you wake up?" Answers vary from "drinking a cup of coffee, working out, get my kids up."

Im talking about the VERY first thing your do,... your go to the bathroom, folks!

Our bodies are naturally eliminating toxins out of our bodies, especially first thing in the morning. So, in order to help the body's natural "DETOX" process, I encourage folks to start their day with Alkaline based liquids, like warm Lemon Water, to help flush out as many toxins as possible.

See, yall, our bodies move in a flow, a rhythm, we know this, we're taught it in school way back in the day. There's a system. When we eat or drink, our body absorbs it, breaks it down, and then eliminates it. The problem we face are struggles with this flow. We eat system clogging foods, foods that cause inflammation, incorrect portions, acidic and processed foods.

Lordy, the list goes on! And THEN we struggle with bloating, acne, constipation, fatigue!

Here's a simple tip to getting back in Rythym with your body and to make sure you are following your body's flow : Absorb, Process, & Eliminate.

Start your day with Alkaline Fluids :

- Lemon Water

- Green Juice or Celery Juice

- Low Fruit Smoothie

- Water

You may squeeze in there a little black tea or coffee. Start your day with this list of Alkline fluids and FLUSH!

What's next? | FOOD C O M B I N I N G | Yup! Pair Food groups correctly so your body can absorb it and process it correctly. I promise you, if yall do this you will poop better, you wont feel bloated, and you'll freaking have energy of a 7 year old!!!

My equation for this is simple :

Protein + Greens OR Carbs + Greens.

If you decide to listen or do any of these things Im suggesting, at least follow this one rule. Food Combining in itself is a GAME CHANGER! For your Lunch & Dinner, follow the food combining rule, drink water through out your day, make sure to have a few bowel movements, and stop eating foods by 7pm, ... you'll be one flowin, balanced, and in rhythm with your body!

It's all about B A L A N C E!

For more tips on Health + Nutrition, Yoga, Retreats & Surviving Life follow Mel on IG: @melyogamama

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